This game was initially developed for LD45, and since I liked the idea, I kept working on the project, adding more features and art to it.

This version is a one of the latest versions I build for the browser, it has a lot of features that are in the final version of the game.

For a better and updated version please try the mobile version on the link below.


1 - Buy cards from the Supply deck (they cost money)

2 - Add the supplies you want to your inventory and sell the ones you don't want.

3 - Drag the supplies to the market place to trade them for money.

4 - Travel to different locations. 

5 - Remember to end your journey if you are running out of time.

Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreCard Game, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsCute, Ludum Dare 45, Management, Singleplayer, Trading
LinksLudum Dare


Release 3 11 MB

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very very hard

I'm already working to improve that already, but since this is the entry for LD, I need to wait to update anything in the game =/